An architectural structure is only as strong as the foundation and framing that support it. Manning Building Supplies works with some of finest lumber producers to supply our clients with the highest quality wood and lumber available.


Framing Lumber

Prized for its durability and value, Manning is proud to carry lumber in a variety of dimensions suitable for every construction job. We also carry wood and composite panels, foundation materials, roofing supplies, and everything you need to complete your construction project.

Finish Lumber

Today’s homeowners desire a home that reflects their personal style and tastes. In addition to framing lumber, Manning stocks high quality finish wood that lends a personal touch to any construction or renovation project, giving your clients the customization they demand. Choose from our wide variety of classic hardwoods, exotic hardwoods and everything else you might need to complete your custom project.


Expert Service

There are many options for purchasing commodity lumber, but no other supplier offers the same level of personalized service as Manning Building Supplies. Our highly trained staff is at your disposal through every step of your project. From product selection to job estimation, we don’t just sell building materials, we provide building solutions.

One Stop Shop

You shouldn’t have to shop around for everything you need to complete your project. Make Manning Building Supplies your building solutions partner and take advantage of our complete shell. Services include sourcing framing, trim, hardware, and special materials. If it’s out there, we can help you find it. If it’s out there, we can help you find it.




With seven locations and a massive fleet of delivery vehicles serving Eastern and Central Florida, Manning Building Supplies is the choice for the fastest delivery and most highly skilled service. Find a location near you.