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Green Building Quick Wall Precast Concrete Buildings

The U.S Green Building Council established Leadership in Energy & Enviromental Design (LEED) as a green building certification system with common requirements, definitions and measurements to officially recognize buildings as green. Now LEED certification has become synonymous with responsible green building.

green buildingThe Quick Wall system is perfect for customers demanding greener more sustainable buildings. Contractors and Owners are increasingly being asked to provide building products that demonstrate environmental responsibility. At Quick Wall, our precast concrete wall system is the ideal solution for most projects registering for LEED certification. Click on the link below for more LEED information.

Concrete products are playing an ever-expanding role in the commercial and residential marketplace. Increasing numbers of homes are being built with concrete components. The longevity of concrete means less maintenance and replacement when compared to other building products. This also contributes to the environmental value of this versatile building material.

Homes built with insulated precast concrete walls require 44% less energy to heat and 32% less energy to cool than comparable framed houses. In hotter areas, heat savings will be less and cooling savings more. Insulated concrete homes do more than cut down on energy loss; concrete gives them the heat-absorbing property Thermal Mass – the ability to smooth out large temperature swings. It keeps the walls warmer when the outdoor temperature hits its coldest and cooler when the outdoor temperature is hottest. The walls “add back” heating or cooling, which contributes about 6% of the needed energy to the house for free.

green buildingThe use of precast concrete material enables a builder to offer a superior product with many benefits for his client – the homeowner – a greater energy efficiency, increased resistance to natural disasters, durability and a quieter, more comfortable indoor environment.

Builders employing insulated precast concrete, Energy Star appliances, Low Flow fixtures, and Low-e windows see greater sales of homes to environmentally conscious consumers looking to reduce energy costs. Be on the cutting edge of technology by offering safe, affordable, and Green housing options to your clients now. What sets you apart to a home buyer is value. Let us quote your models today.